Ravensdale Publishing, Inc. is a company based out of southern California.  Comprised of a husband-and-wife team, the company is all about gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, anime, and many other geeky pursuits.  

Our Story

As gamers, we play a lot of games.  No, seriously - a LOT of games!  We love the dynamics of board games, the stories of role-playing games, the instant gratification of video games... We love it all.  As such, when we find games that don't quite strike our fancy, we like to talk about what we were expecting from the game, and how we could design a game to meet those expectations.

That's how Ravensdale Publishing was born.  We sat on a beautiful beach in the Virgin Islands, and between bouts of snorkeling, swimming, and sunning ourselves, we designed our first game, Villains & Henchmen!  It really resonated with us, and we've since been endeavoring to bring that game to the world at large.

We're nearing the end of that journey, and it's been a blast every step of the way!  However, that one game isn't enough.  Once the floodgates of ideas opened, we started seriously considering publishing more games.  Now, instead of designing one game as a hobby, we're trying to design multiple games as a business.

We'll let you know how it turns out.  ;)


The view from our resort in Virgin Gorda, Nov. 2014.  The birthplace of Villains & Henchmen!