Upstart, start-up tabletop game developers.

So, Who Are We?

When most people go on a dazzling vacation in the Virgin Islands, they think "Hey, we should go Snorkeling" or "Hey, let's write a travel blog!". When we went, we thought "Hey, let's start a board game company". And so Ravensdale Publishing was born -- yep, right there on the sun-kissed beaches, this tabletop fanatic husband and wife team designed our very first game, Villains and Henchmen! and haven't stopped since. 

We're an upstart, start-up tabletop board game company based in SoCal. Right now we're making Villains and Henchmen! and Monster Crush. Our dream is to create and publish interesting and fun games that reach the world! Why don't you follow us? We'll let you know how it goes ;)