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Early 2016 Events and Kickstarter Alert!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

We're excited to announce that we'll be attending a couple of events in February 2016.  We just got confirmation that we'll have a foyer table at Strategicon's OrcCon event (February 12th-15th, 2016).  We'll also be running demos at San Diego Comic Fest (February 12-15th, 2016).

Observant readers may notice that those events are on the same weekend - and they are!  We'll be both in L.A. and San Diego that weekend showing off Villains & Henchmen!.  More importantly, we'll be promoting the Kickstarter campaign for V&H! at those events!

We'll be launching the Kickstarter campaign right before that weekend, probably on February 11th.  We're planning on running a 30-day Kickstarter, so it should end on April 11th (a Friday).

Obviously, we'll be making some more formal announcements as the days go by, but we wanted to mention our general plans now in case people want to help us out by spreading the word!  :)

Sarah MosleyComment