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General Status Update

Over the last few days, we've been up to a few things.  We're play-testing some of our planned Villains & Henchmen! expansions, and setting foot on the path toward our Kickstarter launch.  That means figuring out what we need to make a video, what our pledge levels are going to include, and what stretch goals we'll have available.

It's exciting stuff, but it's all going to take a few months before it sees the light of day.  In the meantime, we're also working on adding a few new events to our schedule.  We'll post updates as things get confirmed, as always.  

Also, if you are going to be at any of our upcoming events, we'll have some of our expansion prototypes ready to play in case anyone wants to see those in action - we don't want to wait too long before folks see what we have in store (We're terrible at surprises).

One last thing - if you didn't see it, we've launched the Facebook page for Monster Crush!.  You should totally check it out here!

Sarah MosleyComment