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Pre-Convention Update!

We're getting ready for Strategicon's Gateway 2015 event (, and we're very excited!  We've got a couple nifty bits of information to share.

First off, we have demos scheduled throughout the weekend.  We have Monster Crush! scheduled for Friday @ 3pm & Sunday @ 9am, and Villains & Henchmen! scheduled for Saturday @ 9am & Sunday @ 1pm.

We'd love it if any of our existing fans came by to say hello, or play a game or two.  We'd also love it if our existing fans convinced their friends to stop by and play!  :)

Nifty Bit of Information #1: We also upgraded our Monster Crush! prototype so it's a bit prettier than the previous ugly prototype, which is always fun.  You can check it out on Instagram (and follow us, too!), or visit one of our demos to see it in person!

Nifty Bit of Information #2: We're working on an actual printed prototype for Villains & Henchmen! - unfortunately, it won't be ready for Strategicon.  However, we're very confident that it will be ready for Long Beach Comic Con (September 12-13), so if you want to see a preview of the "official" version of V&H!, stop by the Ravensdale Publishing booth - we'll be there all weekend!  :)

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