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Villains & Henchmen! Weekly Trivia Contest - Round 3!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

We're excited to announce the winner of Round 2 of our Weekly Trivia contest!  Please join us in congratulating Chops, a fellow San Diegan that has played V&H! at a couple local conventions over the past year!  Chops submitted 100% correct responses literal minutes ahead of our round 1 winner!  It was a pretty close race so if you're planning to compete, make sure you have lightning-fast fingers!

Now we're posting up the questions for Round 3!  But first, the rules:

You'll have one (1) week to answer the current round of questions.  Answers can be found by browsing our website, our Facebook page, our Kickstarter page, our Twitter feed, our Instagram pictures, and a few media outlet pages that have covered V&H! in articles or videos.

The contest will run for four weeks, until the conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign.

Each week, the contestant that answers the most questions correctly in the shortest amount of time will win:

1. One Free Paid Add-On Expansion from the Villains & Henchmen! Kickstarter campaign (assuming we unlock those stretch goals)!

2. One Exclusive Digital Wallpaper featuring Variant Art for the Villains & Henchmen! box art!

Use the Contact Us page on our website to submit your answers before 7pm PST, March 20th for a chance to win!

Only one entry will be allowed per contestant; your first time stamped submission will be your "official" entry, so be sure to double check your answers before submitting them!

And now, for the Round 3 questions:

1.     Back in June 2015, we shared a picture on our Facebook page asking for feedback on card layouts.  Which card was depicted in that post?

The Psychic

The Energy Controller

The Brute

Sonic Control

2.     What is the only out-of-state convention we have attended so far?

Gen Con




3.     At what convention in 2015 did we have an outdoor booth set up?

Nerd Con


Long Beach Comic Con

Kingdom Con

4.     Which board game-centric media outlet did both a preview video AND an interview for Villains & Henchmen! at the start of the Kickstarter campaign?

NVS Gameplays

Roll for Crit

Fangirl Nation

Watch it Played

5.     In the Kickstarter campaign video, which Event card is shown around the 3min35sec mark?


Retributive Strike

Heroic Recovery

Plot Twist

6.     The Laser Turrets Obstacle card can be bypassed with which three powers?

Exceptional Training; Duplication; Light Control

Exceptional Training; Duplication; Invulnerability

Light Control; Duplication; Invulnerability

Speed; Light Control; Invulnerability

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