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We're Hiring Again!

Position Title: Social Media Specialist (Contract)

Hours: Part-time, varies

Schedule: Varies

Location: Remote Work (San Diego or Los Angeles local preferred)

Compensation: Dependent on experience & qualifications

Job Description

The Social Media Specialist (Contract) for Ravensdale Publishing will help to increase community engagement with the company's existing followers, as well as grow the company's fan base. This will involve posting on applicable and appropriate social media accounts with updates, images, and other content related to Ravensdale Publishing products and events. Finally, the social media specialist will identify and explore possible marketing opportunities and partnerships with related companies, media outlets, and brands.


The ideal candidate will have:

- In-depth knowledge of crowdfunding strategies and best practices

- Solid understanding of social media platforms

- Familiarity with trending topics, current events, and groups/communities that focus on comic books, board games, and general geek/pop culture

- Excellent interpersonal skills, with an emphasis on interacting with diverse groups of customers

- Strong grasp of social media analytics

- Dedication to the role's duties and to Ravensdale Publishing's success

- Attention to detail, especially regarding copy editing and accuracy of information in communications

Preferred Education/Experience

- Background in marketing, community/public relations, or prior work for companies in the gaming or pop culture industries highly valued

- Background as a "gamer", especially a board gamer

- Positive reputation in the overall geek community

- Knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) best practices

- Knowledge of web development

- Connections with brands/media outlets that focus on aspects of pop culture

Job Duties

     We're interested in hiring someone on a very part-time basis. Essentially, during a standard month we'd be looking for a social media specialist for a few hours per week (probably 5-6 hours per week).

     Prior to and during conventions & similar events, we would likely increase that number of hours based on the size/duration of the event.

     And of course, during the Kickstarter campaign, we would require this individual to put in significantly more time to spreading the word, broadcasting project updates, and generally helping us to keep our backers and potential backers informed and engaged!

     Occasionally, the social media specialist may be asked to attend conventions and similar events on behalf of Ravensdale Publishing when the company owners are unable to do so, to promote the company's games and other products.

     On a monthly basis, the social media specialist will provide status updates on their activities in the form of analytics reports. These reports will coincide with monthly planning meetings via Skype or similar video chat software.

     In addition, this role will involve assisting Ravensdale Publishing in establishing and maintaining positive professional relationships with pop culture media outlets (in the form of news sites, podcasts, YouTube channels, etc.).

     Finally, the social media specialist will explore and pursue marketing opportunities (including but not limited to interviews, special events, game reviews, and new conventions) for Ravensdale Publishing's games and other products.

Personal Notes

     We're gamers - thus our desire to create fun new games! We would love to work with someone like-minded who can play and appreciate the games we design, and can skillfully explain and promote them.

     As far as us preferring Southern California locals, that is primarily so we will have opportunities to meet up in person from time to time - either at conventions, company planning sessions, or just for fun! If you're not a SoCal local, don't fret - we're more interested in the general skills and experiences than we are in your zip code!

     Ultimately, we would like this to be a fun opportunity for the selected candidate, without sacrificing professionalism, productivity, or quality in their work. We'll do everything we can to provide this individual with the tools and resources needed for success!


Perks of this position include, but are not limited to:

- Occasional comped entrance into conventions & similar events (for example: San Diego Comic Con, Stan Lee's Comic Expo, KingdomCon, etc.)

- Access to Ravensdale Publishing's board game library, including prototypes of our upcoming games

- Credit on games & other projects, as a member of the Ravensdale Publishing team

- Possible financial bonuses based on performance


As a contract position, this position does not include benefits.

If you think you'd be a great fit for this position and would like to join the Ravensdale Publishing team, please submit a resume and/or cover letter summarizing your relevant education, experience, and qualifications to ravensdale (dot) publishing (at) gmail (dot) com, and put "REQ002-M Social Media Specialist" in the subject line.

DO NOT submit applications to us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other avenue outside of the email address specified above. Applications received other than by email WILL NOT be considered.

Ravensdale Publishing is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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