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Hey there! It's the new social media raven!

What's up guys? we've recently hired a new social media specialist, and guess what? It's me!

I'm CACAW, and I'm a raven with the astonishing ability to write human language--who knows how I came to be this way. Ben and Sarah found me at a cursed marketplace, trapped in a cage by a wicked merchant. After challenging the merchant to a rap battle, they defeated him in just 8 short hair-raising bars, thus freeing me. As thanks, I have agreed to man their social media accounts and handle their press for the foreseeable future. In exchange, every time I sent a tweet, they give me a grape.

Anyway, look forward to more posts by me!

And if you care to follow my good friend Tess Young, who is the new "official" social media specialist or whatever, you can find her on twitter @thechicmonster

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